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Nike Flyknit Youth

Nike Flyknit Youth

Nike Flyknit Youth

What about knowing enough coding to understand the amount of work that needs to be put in to transform an idea into reality? Also to be able to construct the interface is easier when you know some code. Those are Nike Roshe Flyknit Sale

In terms of capital + human capital multiplying your effort, programming is pretty hard to beat. John Updike remarked, several decades ago, that fiction creates value without destroying anything (ok, a trivial fraction of the value). But it's clearly not just about being able to put some words on a page.

With a couple of months of programming knowledge

I think the assumption that you will understand the amount of work needed for a given solution is part of the problem. It's something you get better at over time, but I totally sucked at it when I was starting out as a programmer. I'm just saying it's not some magic faerie dust that solves all your problems. It's just another piece of the puzzle.

Nike Flyknit Youth

Nike Flyknit Youth

jfb 834 days ago link

rapind 834 days ago link

knowledge understands the needs of someone who does my job. Or cares, for that matter. "This should only take an hour. This whole debate is about the fact that a whole bunch of people don't know how to break down a large problem into small logical pieces."describing in detail the problem(s) being solved" is about the most concise and accurate description of programming I can think of. Asking someone non technical to do this is like asking a ramen noodle eater to describe in detail the process of flambing Steak Diane.

some reasons why I'm investing time to learn programming.

but $50k is a teacher's salary. In education, that's huge. It's been incredibly valuable in my career.

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jiggy2011 834 days ago link

crasshopper 834 days ago Nike Flyknit Youth link

"Coders are solving their own problems" , yes many are but that doesn't mean they wouldn't be better served financially by solving someone elses.

Nike Flyknit Youth

Nike Flyknit Youth

I agree with this wholeheartedly. My line of work could be made much easier through some very simple software. The only reason that software doesn't exist is because (I assume that) nobody with programming Nike Flyknit Oreo Air Max

With a couple of months of programming knowledge, I wrote a program that saved my company $2MM/year. The key was combining knowledge of the business processes with some knowledge of programming. Learning to program is really damn valuable, especially in fields where most people don't know any programming.

Nike Flyknit Youth

Regardless of one's feelings w/r/t the Atwood OP, it's hard to argue that programmers often conflate programming with solving problems. They are distinct concepts.

davidwees 834 days ago link

I wrote an online attendance system for my school, which often come with way more features than we need and cost in the range of $50k. It's not $2 million, Nike Flyknit Air Max 2015 Womens

dz13 834 days ago link

Not by me. I can't afford to pay them unless I can raise some money. I don't see how I can raise the money unless I can cobble together a prototype myself. even if just to show that my idea is viable and that I'm serious about it.

I agree it's a good skill to have in many careers, software engineer included, but it is definitely not the definition of programmer. I'd written programs before and after that, so I wouldn't say that this technique makes you a programmer. Non technical != moron. Knowing how to do this, does not make you a programmer. Likewise, being a programmer doesn't make you good at this.

jisaacstone 834 days ago link

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