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COVINGTON, La. Six months ago, Angelle Albright had never used a sewing machine, much less owned one. She never dreamed she'd start a fashion business with an international clientele.

for a reason and that the chemo beanie is more than a business. It's a purpose, to ease the burden of baldness for all of her sisters around the world in the fight against cancer.

love was born an internet company that's now selling beanies to women from here to Europe Nike Flyknit Mens Shoes and Africa. Just last week, Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore asked to use them in an upcoming movie.

woman creates caps for cancer patients

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From that labor of Nike Flyknit Racer Womens Oreo

Nike Flyknit Mens Shoes

wore this one day at work. They told me I looked sassy. I said feel kind of sassy today, Danielle said.

was the biggest thing I like, going to lose my hair, she remembers. had thick, coarse hair. Everybody loved my hair, except me.

looked like a mop. (Like) Howard Stern. You can't wear this. It's a joke. I keep it around in case someone needs a Halloween costume, she laughs.

Six years ago, the sisters' roles were reversed. Just two weeks before Katrina, Angelle was diagnosed with breast cancer and given just a 34% chance of surviving. The woman known for her beautiful brown locks lost every strand.

Nike Flyknit Mens Shoes

Nike Flyknit Mens Shoes

Nike Flyknit Mens Shoes

Nike Flyknit Mens Shoes

Nike Flyknit Mens Shoes

But she certainly didn't want to lose it, though she would. She tried scarves, but they fell off, and the knots hurt her neck. And wigs? Forget it.

She remembers exactly what that felt like and the tug of the long, hot scarves and awful Flyknit Racer Custom

just make Danielle feel better, explained Angelle.

made me a better person, she said. was the best thing that ever happened to me. Cancer.

Nike Flyknit Mens Shoes

Nike Flyknit Mens Shoes

was not going to put ugly things on my head. I was just not going to do it, she said. said have to have some vanity and so that's when we came up with the idea.

Angelle knew the beanies would sell. She knew what was missing from the market, because it wasn't long ago, she was the one in search of something that, in her words, would take the burden out of baldness.

Angelle's locks have grown back just as thick as ever, only they no longer define her. Her renewed faith does.

Angelle believes she suffered and was spared Nike Flyknit Racer 2016 Multicolor

They're called Chemo Beanies: soft, light, easy to put on, they don't slip off and the ruffles feel comforting, like hair on your neck.

Nike Flyknit Mens Shoes

And that's what it was all about.

identified me. Everyone knew who I was: the girl with the curly hair, Angelle said. looked like this one day and then two weeks later, I looked like an alien. I was bald, no eyelashes, no eyebrows, Angelle said.

The hair accessory that Angelle designed is for women without hair cancer patients like her sister, Danielle, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in September.

wigs that now make her laugh.

Karen Swensen / Eyewitness News

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