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Nike Flyknit Air Max Canada

Recent surveys of CEOs reveal that their top issues/concerns are: volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Obviously some of these issue can be attributed to the current political and economic climate but, I'll argue, some (if not much) of these issues can be attributed to people problems or more specific. human relation problems. That is to say. how we interact with each other.

Nike Flyknit Air Max Canada

That statement has been the subject of this column in the past, and surely Nike Flyknit Racer Yellow Black

Nike Flyknit Air Max Canada

Nike Flyknit Air Max Canada

In our efforts to improve process and technological capability we've left out of the work. By following this line of thought, we've under estimated the impact that Human Relations has on organizational performance; and then, we wonder why Nike Flyknit Socks

Woodruff creed makes the sky the limit in what one can achieve

The quotation was the motto of one of the world's great business leaders, Robert W. Woodruff, who was described by a longtime associate as having the ability "to see around the corner." On that point, Woodruff made Coca Cola known around the world at a nickel a bottle during and after World War II.

"Strut your superiority. Don't praise and say nice things to others. Don't pay attention to your appearance. Don't be friendly to others. Take all the credit."

its principle is sorely needed today.

Behind the "no limit" motto, there was a short essay supposedly written by the chairman of Macy's about the time Woodruff became the head of The Coca Cola Company in 1923. So highly did he esteem the essay that he had it printed in booklet form for all his associates. It was my good fortune to meet Mr. Woodruff in his later years and receive a copy of the booklet, "It's Human Relations That Count."

Nike Flyknit Air Max Canada

Nike Flyknit Air Max Canada

The No. one problem for businesses and individuals: Taking people for granted customers, employees, family. The solution: "The basic rule of good Nike Flyknit Air Max Canada human relations is to think and talk and act in terms of the interest of the other person." Add three personality habits important for business and professional people in dealing with customers and clients: friendliness, helpfulness and dependability.

Finally, the Woodruff "creed" boils down to the Golden Rule given in the Sermon on the Mount: "Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them."Over the past thirty years or so, organizations have been laser focused on improving their business processes and technological capabilities. And, frankly, there has been much improvement in speed, production, innovation, quality, service and customer satisfaction but even with all of these improvements organizations continue to struggle. Why?

our new processes and technologies fall short of delivering the expected results.

Nike Flyknit Air Max Canada

On the negative side, here are "tested rules of how to fail" in relationships with others:

Nike Flyknit Air Max Canada

This Southern gentleman, who lived by his motto until his death in 1985, not only relished building his business but it seemed he enjoyed giving away his money even more and for years he insisted that his gifts to charitable organizations, education and the arts be attributed to an anonymous donor. Indeed, when large anonymous gifts were made in Atlanta, it was well known who the donor was. Since Woodruff and his wife had no children, he adopted many worthy causes and left Atlanta the better for his giving.

Nike Flyknit Air Max Canada

"Life is pretty much a selling job," it says. "Whether we succeed or fail is largely a matter of how well we motivate the human beings with whom we deal to buy us and that which we have to offer."

"There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn't mind who gets the credit."

Atlanta Mayor Ivan Allen Jr., our state was spared the worst of the racial violence.

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Not nearly as well known was this man's great influence on Georgia and Atlanta during the 1960s, when racial violence wracked many other parts of the South. But thanks to the behind the scenes efforts of Woodruff, with the help of other good leaders like former Nike Flyknit Superfly Mercurial

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