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Nike Air Max Flyknit 2014 Womens

Nike Air Max Flyknit 2014 Womens

Evenson didn't show any emotion until Hoppe asked to look under her van. After he found scuff marks, she "began to cry hysterically," and ask if Anderson was all right, Hoppe said. He also reported she said she hadn't had anything to drink since leaving the bar.

Woman charged in hit

Hoppe said Evenson told him she knew Anderson and was at Mully's with him and Schabert earlier that night. She said Schabert left first, then Anderson left later after a disagreement. She said she didn't see Anderson after he left the bar and she didn't know he had been involved in a hit and run, the complaint said.

Anderson was in fair condition at the hospital Wednesday night. He said was doing well, but couldn't comment about the incident because of the criminal investigation.

Anderson was only able to tell police he had gone to the bar with "Stacy Kump," another name used by Evenson, the complaint said. He was not able to describe the vehicle that hit him and didn't know who was driving.

hospital where he was treated for broken vertebrae, a broken pelvis, multiple breaks in one leg and several cuts and abrasions, including one scrape that was almost to the bone, the criminal complaint said.

Nike Air Max Flyknit 2014 Womens

Nike Air Max Flyknit 2014 Womens

Nike Air Max Flyknit 2014 Womens

Stacy Anne Evenson, 32, was released from jail Wednesday after posting a $5,000 bond. Her next court appearance has not been set.

Nike Air Max Flyknit 2014 Womens

Nike Air Max Flyknit 2014 Womens

She's accused of hitting 33 year old Brian Donald Anderson with her van in the Mully's on Madison parking lot at 1030 Madison Avenue. Investigators Nike Air Max Flyknit 2014 Womens reported evidence was found showing Anderson had been dragged about 27 feet across the bar's rear parking lot. after receiving a report of a possible assault. They found Nike Flyknit Racer Volt Sequoia

Nike Air Max Flyknit 2014 Womens

Nike Air Max Flyknit 2014 Womens

When Evenson was taken to the Law Enforcement Center, an alcohol test showed she had a blood alcohol concentration of .12. The legal limit for driving is .08, so she was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

A woman arrested Sunday morning shortly after an acquaintance was hit by a vehicle in a Mankato bar parking lot has been charged with three felony Nike Air Max Flyknit Size 13

counts of criminal vehicular injury.

He was taken to Immanuel St. Joseph's Nike Flyknit Platinum White

After being informed of her rights, Evenson told Schabert actually drove her home and they had not hit Anderson. Schabert told police she did not drive Evenson home and didn't know why she would say that.

Officer Steven Hoppe went to Evenson's apartment on Eastport Drive Sunday morning and found her sitting on the step with Rebecca Schabert. Evenson's green van was parked nearby and was still hot, Hoppe reported.

Nike Air Max Flyknit 2014 Womens

Nike Air Max Flyknit 2014 Womens

Evenson was contacted at her apartment Wednesday night, but said she didn't want to comment about the charges. Schabert, who lives an another apartment on Eastport Drive, could not be reached for comment.

Anderson lying on the pavement bleeding. His clothes were tattered.

Nike Air Max Flyknit 2014 Womens

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